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Squeezing the last drop out of summer

This past weekend Mother Nature granted us with one last weekend of summer. So we decided to squeeze every last drop out of summer by going to the beach. We packed the car, put our dog Penny in the back seat and off we went on our way to Gloucester for a glorious send off to summer.

Salt Flats | Gloucester, MA

Apparently everyone in New England thought Gloucester was the place to be! We arrived at Wingaersheek Beach and found an overflowing parking lot. The street was lined on both sides with parked cars long before we even got to the parking lot. So we did a U-turn in the parking lot and drove to the salt flat not far from the beach. Penny was pretty happy to be able to get in the water.

Penny at the Salt Flats

We left the Salt Flats to go to Good Harbor Beach. It felt like Groundhog Day, same story with the ridiculous amount of cars. Hoping that the third time is a charm we made our way to Halibut Point. And we were disappointed for a third time.

Feeling defeated, we made our way to Woodman’s of Essex. The line to get food was ridiculously long, but we wanted to close out the summer at Woodman’s. So we waited and once again, Woodman’s did not disappoint.

We decided to give Wingaersheek Beach one more try, figuring that most of the people will have left to get dinner. We go there, parked right up at the front and took Penny down to the beach.

Wingaersheek Beach | Gloucester, MA

The beach was beautiful at sunset. Penny was as happy as can be playing in the water. So after a day of being disappointed, we ended it with a delicious meal and a glorious sunset on the beach.

Deb & Penny

And so we say goodbye to summer and begin the fall show season. First up Paradise City Art Festival in Northampton, MA the weekend of October 11-13 followed by the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in Northport, AL on October 18-19.

We hope to see you at a show soon. And if you can’t make it to a show, you can always see the latest and greatest in our online shop.


As we say goodbye to Summer…

Seems like fall has come early this year…the leaves are already starting to turn. We are sad to say goodbye to summer, but look forward to a beautiful fall. The cooler weather opens the fall show season for us, starting with the Paradise City show in Northampton, MA the weekend of October 11-13.

And as soon as we are done with that show we make our way to Northport, Alabama for the Kentuck Festival of the Arts on October 18-19. Treat yourself to extra amenities as a Patron of the 2014 Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Details about becoming a patron can be found at www.kentuck.org/festival_patron.html.

I am honored that the folks at Kentuck chose to use one of my JunkHeads in the patron pamphlet.
Kentuck Patron Pamphlet

And now it’s back to the studio to continue to make things to bring to these shows. We look forward to seeing you at Paradise or Kentuck.

Schedule Change

Sadly we had to cancel the upcoming show in Peoria, IL.  While it’s not the same experience as going to a great art show, you can visit our Etsy store to see what been happening in the studio.

Paradise City Arts Festival

My next show will be in Northampton, MA at the Paradise City Arts Festival to be held October 6-8.  You can get a coupon for $2 off the price of admission here.

Ask the Magic Eight Ball

Summer is almost over and the fall show season is heating up. For the past few weeks I have been in my studio getting ready for upcoming shows – 3 in a row. I’m on the road making my way to Peoria for the 49th Annual Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair this weekend. Then it’s on to Louisville for the St. James Court Art Show and then back east to Northampton, MA for Paradise City Arts Festival.

What’s new for these shows? On one of the many trips to flea markets I found some beautiful dominoes and had absolutely no idea what they would become. Then one day it came to me…BoneHeads.

BoneHead: vintage dominoes get new game © Deborah C. Kracht 2011

BoneHead: vintage dominoes get new game © Deborah C. Kracht 2011

It’s a tiny piece of original art on a domino. A two-sided piece that can be hung anywhere.

Last weekend, after we had grilled cheese sandwiches we visited the vintage market where we saw so many cool things including some vintage hat forms which had to come home with us. And now it’s on the road to Peoria with me.

It is decidedly so | Mixed Media 13"x12"x3" © Deborah C. Kracht 2011

It is decidedly so | Mixed Media 13"x12"x3" © Deborah C. Kracht 2011

This piece is called It is decidedly so. Fond memories of the Magic 8 Ball.

What’s your favorite Magic 8 Ball answer?