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“One should never make one’s debut with a scandal

“One should never make one’s debut with a scandal. One should reserve that to give an interest to one’s old age.”  –Oscar Wilde

So today is the first day of our first show of 2012 and so far so good…no scandal.  We are in Baltimore at the American Craft Council Show and we are debuting three new lines of work.

The Odd World of the Littles

The Littles-I Will Keep You

The Littles-I Will Keep You, ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

The Littles-I Will Keep You (detail)

The Littles-I Will Keep You (detail), ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)


A view into the life inside of vintage tins.

inHabit - Sucrets

inHabit - Sucrets, ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

inHabit - Sucrets (detail)

inHabit - Sucrets (detail), ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)


Last year the Library of Congress decided to digitally archive all Tweets. I don’t personally use Twitter, but wanted to discover if there was anything actually worth archiving on Twitter and as it turns out, there was. And that is how reTweets came into being.

reTweet 6

reTweet 6, ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

reTweet 6

reTweet 6, ©Deb Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

If you are in the Baltimore area, stop by the convention center (we are in booth 3602) and see the new work. It’s a great show with a lot of spectacular work.


Making a list, checking it twice (or 20 times)

Patrick asks “Can you finish off all your Christmas shopping without ever leaving Facebook?”

©Eric Barclay, all rights reserved

"He's Watching You" ©Eric Barclay

Patrick Hamilton, of Ask Patrick, has made a list of 20 of his talented friends who may be able to help you wrap up your holiday shopping.  We feel honored to be included in the list.  Eric Barclay, the illustrator who created the image above is also included in the list.

If you are in the New York City area and need a ridiculously talented designer, Patrick is your guy.

Happy Holidays and thanks phamilto!

Mr. Coleman wants you to buy handmade

Yesterday we introduced you to Ginger. Today you get to meet Mr. Coleman.

JunkHead: Mr. Coleman ©Deborah C. Kracht, Artist

JunkHead: Mr. Coleman ©Deborah C. Kracht, Artist

It’s getting down to the wire to wrap up holiday shopping. Why not avoid the crowds at the mall and shop handmade instead.
Buy Hand Made
This weekend see Mr. Coleman in person at CraftBoston Holiday at the Cyclorama (we are in booth #507) and if you have time just a few blocks away check out SOWA Holiday Market at the Cathedral High School Gym.

In the Providence, RI area check out the Foundry Artists Show at the Pawtucket Armory and if you have time go to the 10th Annual Craftland Show in downtown Providence.  Both shows in the Providence area have free parking and all purchases are TAX FREE!

I guarantee if you go to any of these shows you will not be disappointed. And you are sure to find gifts for everyone on your list. And you get the added bonus of meeting the artists.

Mr. Coleman thanks you for supporting local artists and buying handmade.

All stocked up

As we enter the busy holiday season I find myself spending all my time in the studio making JunkYard Dogs, BabyBots, JunkHeads and more.

JunkHeadJunkHead, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

Until last Saturday when we were hit with that insane Nor’easter. We were without power, heat and water for 5 days. So I lost 5 days in the studio…time spent sitting in front of the fireplace with layers and layers of clothes on trying to stay warm. Yesterday the power came back on and we are once again up and running.

reBuckle, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

With power we were able to stock our Etsy store with a suite of new reBuckles, a dog pound full of JunkYard dogs, BabyBots and JunkHeads. We will continue to add things to the store as they are crafted.

ScrapHead, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

It’s never too early to start scouting for fun holiday gifts. This weekend we will drop off work to be included in the DeCordova Museum’s 2011 Annual Artists’ Market. The Artists’ Market is worth checking out and while you are there check out the museum and the grounds, they are spectacular.

JunkYard Dog
JunkYard Dog, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011





One last task before the holidays

We have finished all our shows for 2010 and now we have some time to devote to making fun things for the holidays.

But before we start making presents we have one more task to accomplish. We are putting everything that is left over after all our shows in our Etsy store.

ArtHead BabyBot


Our friend Nancy has an impressive belt buckle collection. If you know someone like Nancy, check out all the reBuckles. All one of kind buckles made from vintage bits including old license plates, lunch box bits and toy cars.

ArtHead reBuckle

Snoopy reBuckle


ArtHead reBuckle

Charlie Brown reBuckle

Every year we make an ornament for our nice and nephew. If you need a funky ornament for someone on your list, ScrapHeads make for fun ornaments. And when the tree comes down, you can hang these little guys on the wall for year round enjoyment 🙂

ArtHead ScrapHead


ArtHead ScrapHead


You know we are dog lovers — Lucy, our brittany spaniel, may be the most spoiled dog in the world. For the dog lovers in your life, maybe a JunkYard Dog is the perfect gift. They are hypoallergenic, low maintenance, and excellent guard dogs. Later today we will be posting some more Dog MetalHeads.

ArtHead JunkYard Dog

JunkYard Dog

Thanks to everyone for a great year.  While we are happy to take a little break during the holidays, we look forward to an exciting 2011.

Happy Holidays from ArtHead Studio

With only one more weekend of shows* to go we are looking forward to wrapping things up and celebrating the holidays.

What better time than now to wish everyone Happy Holidays and to thank everyone for all the great support over the past year. We’ve had fun travelling around the country and meeting lots of interesting people.

We look forward to another successful year in 2011 — after a little break of course 😉

We leave you with this year’s Holiday Card.

Happy Holidays from ArtHead Studio
Armed only with presents and silly hats,
two girls single handedly unleash the holiday spirit.
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday
and a Happy New Year.

*  28th Annual Foundry Artists Gala Holiday Sale at the Pawtucket Armory in Pawtucket, RI (Dec 10-12)
*  CraftBoston Holiday at the Cyclorama in Boston, MA (Dec 11-12)