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Opening Night Jitters or how to be in two places at one time.

Holiday season is in full swing! Activity in the studio has been at an all time high preparing for two upcoming shows and opening night receptions.

Opening Night Shows

The Society of Arts and Crafts is doing something new this year at the opening reception for CraftBoston Holiday to be held at the Hynes Convention Center on Thursday, December 4 from 6-9 PM.

CraftBoston HOLIDAY

Holidays and Highballs is the opening night event where you will select a handmade tumbler from an array of styles and materials to use and take home at the end of the evening. You are then invited to stop by the CraftBoston Bar to fill your new piece with a retro-inspired highball cocktail. Sip, schmooze, and shop to the sounds of classic 45s as you preview the newest and finest contemporary craft by over 175 artists.

Holidays & Highballs

And here’s the part about being in two places at one time… The opening night reception for the Foundry Artists Annual Holiday show is also Thursday, December 4 from 5-9 PM.

There will be refreshments and live holiday music from John Juxo and Otis Read.

Foundry Show

Once again they will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Rhode Island Food Bank, so bring a can or two and share the holiday spirit!

2014 Foundry Show

Start making your holiday shopping list and be sure to stop by both CraftBoston Holiday and the Foundry Artists Holiday Show to support artists and buy handmade.


We are Boston Strong

Along with the rest of Boston, we are relieved that the city is once again up and running after a week of pure chaos surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing. On Friday, CraftBoston was forced to close due to the citywide lockdown, but we were happy to see everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday and want to thank everyone for your support.

Thank you to all the first responders who helped to bring our city back to order including our friend Timmy Hancock who is a member of the Special Ops SWAT team.

Boston Strong

Thanks to all first responders.

We encourage everyone to donate to The One Fund Boston to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.
The One Fund Boston 2013
If you missed us last weekend and were hoping to see what’s new at ArtHead Studio you are in luck. We have filled our Etsy store with lots of new stuff including reTweets, reBuckles, MetalHeads, and JunkHeads.

We also have a ton of JunkYard Dogs lining up to be added to the store.

Glamour Shots

For the past several weeks the studio has been buzzing. In preparation for our last two shows of the year BabyBots, JunkYard Dogs and JunkHeads have been marching out of the studio…but not before they get photographed. Take this Temt’n Eggs JunkHead. It takes a lot of magic to make these guys stand up long enough for their glamour shot.

Temt'n Eggs Glamour Shot

Temt’n Eggs Glamour Shot

Eventually we get a good shot. You can go see lots of our glamour shots on our Etsy store. Or if you prefer to see things in 3D you can visit either The Foundry Artists Holiday Show in Pawtucket, RI or stop by booth 503 at CraftBoston Holiday at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End.

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet (don’t feel badly, we haven’t either) we encourage everyone to support artists and buy handmade for the holidays.

Keep Calm & Buy Handmade

Keep Calm & Buy Handmade

Nothing wasted — making things from scrap

Thanks to everyone who came to CraftBoston Spring this past weekend.  It was a great show and I got to meet and chat with lots of interesting people.  Now it’s time to get back in the studio to make new stuff to bring to the 21st Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival in Reston, VA in May.


©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

What do I do with all the scrap aluminum that ends up on the table and floor in my studio?  I cut it into silly shapes and make ScrapHeads.  There really is no reason to waste the scrap — so why not make something out of it?


©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

And now there are 13 new ScrapHeads (and the studio is a tiny bit cleaner.)  They have all been added to our Etsy store.  So if you are jonesin’ for some ArtHead gear, check it out at http://artheadstudio.etsy.com.


©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio (2012)

Twitter Turns 6 and we are counting characters

140 characters to be exact (the maximum number of characters allowed in a Tweet.)   Twitter just turned 6.  Happy Birthday Twitter!  

Counting reTweets (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

Counting reTweets (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

As mentioned here, reTweets are something new this year.  I truly enjoy searching for the Tweets to use in the reTweets because every now and again I find a gem.  140 characters of cleverness and humor.  For example:

reTweet (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

reTweet (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

You can check out all the new reTweets on our Facebook page in the reTweets photo album.

If you get a chance to come to CraftBoston at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, come see us in Booth 240.  And if you are feeling lucky participate in CraftBoston’s 2012 Spring Raffle  — one of the ten pieces being raffled is from ArtHead Studio.  We mentioned it here and talked about the inspiration for The Odd World of The Littles.

Building An Idea (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

Building An Idea (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

The Odd World of the Littles album on Facebook has been updated with new pieces you will see at CraftBoston this weekend along with other new things you may need to get into your clutches.

JunkHead: Klutch (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

JunkHead: Klutch (©Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio 2012)

Incognito or Hiding Behind A Moustache

The weather has been so beautiful lately.  It’s even warm enough for us to hang our laundry outside.  But the sad truth is that I have not been able to enjoy the weather because I have spent all of my time in my studio getting ready for the CraftBoston which is just around the corner (March 23-25).

Nancy and Deb incognito

Nancy and Deb incognito

Come to CraftBoston and find us in Booth #240…and feel free to bring your moustache too.   Go ahead and get yourself a discount on admission — enter code: ENEWS to receive a $3 off.

Kim and Deb incognito

Kim and Deb incognito

The Odd World of the Littles

After a successful show in Baltimore, life is busy making new things to fill the booth at the upcoming CraftBoston show (March 23-25).

I am excited to have been chosen as one of the ten artists being showcased in the CraftBoston raffle.  All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets benefit The Society of Arts and Crafts’ educational and community outreach programs.  

Building An Idea

Building An Idea (© Deborah C. Kracht, 2012)

This piece, Building An Idea,  will be in the raffle.  It is part of new line of work that was inspired by a visit I made to the Museum of Art and Design in New York City last year where I saw the Otherworldly exhibit.  I was fascinated and intrigued by what all of these artists were doing with miniatures.  Still possessed by all things little, when I returned to my studio, this new body of work – The Odd World of the Littles — magically happened.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure (© Deborah C. Kracht, 2012)

Buried Treasure (detail)

Buried Treasure (detail) © Deborah C. Kracht, 2012

In keeping with my obsession with all things little I started to read and find anything I could on Slinkachu.  His Little People Project amazed me. He places model train set characters on the street and creates scenes that he then photographs with incredible results.  His images are much like the art of tilt-shift photography — the art of using tilt to achieve a selective focus that simulates a miniature scene.  And once I discovered tilt-shift photography, of course, just had to try it for myself.

While we were on a trip to New York City, we took several pictures that we thought would be brilliant tilt-shifts.  Sadly only a few were truly successful.  Clearly an art that takes a lot of practice.

Here is what we came up with.

NYC Man and Dog

NYC Man and Dog (© Jil H. Lesko, 2012)

NYC Cabs

NYC Cabs (© Jil H. Lesko, 2012)