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Something from Nothing

I have always enjoyed whittling. Many years ago on vacation in Bonaire I spent many hours whittling pieces of driftwood.

ArtHead Carving, Whittle Mermaid 2005

Whittle Mermaid, 2005

Carving 2005

Carving 2005

And recently I have become more and more intrigued by wood carving. Every year for Christmas I get some “mad money” to buy something for myself that I wouldn’t normally buy, so this year I used my mad money to buy a quality set of carving tools.

A close friend of mine is a woodworker and she had given me some scrap wood. Armed with my new tools I started an adventure to see what I could create. I was intrigued to find out what great things might be hiding inside these square blocks of wood.

And here is what came of my adventure.

Art Head Carving, Fetch


Finding a way to combine these carvings with vintage bits was my next adventure. This new line of work feels like a natural evolution of the work I had been doing.

ArtHead Carving, Curiosity | Sword Swallower


Check out all the carvings here.

ArtHead Carving, Road Trip

Road Trip


Feeling like Olaf the Snowman

It’s freezing outside! This morning the thermometer read 1.4 degrees. That is just absurdly cold. So what’s a girl to do when it’s so cold outside?

Go outside and make something for the garden of course!

Inspired by our good friend and talented glass artist, Martha Williams, today seemed like the perfect day to attempt my own garden ice sculpture. Martha posted this on her Facebook page a couple days ago.
Martha WilliamsI was possessed by the concept. “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore!

  • First I had to get balloons.
  • I found food coloring in the back of the kitchen cabinet.
  • Now I had to fill the balloons with colored water and set them outside.

Work in progress

… and WAIT!

It took at least 24 hours for the balloons to completely freeze. And what better time to go unveil the glassy, ice orbs than a day when it’s almost zero degrees out?

After time outside I felt like Olaf the Snowman, but it was all worth it because now I have a fantastic sculpture in my garden.
Winter Sculpture

Here’s a close up:

Winter sculpture detail
If you look closely at the left side of the picture you will see a glass piece that Martha made for us years ago. Her glass next to the piece inspired by her!
Martha made thisSo thanks to Martha who had inspired so many of the surprises in our garden.  I have a feeling there will be more of these popping up in our garden in the days to come.

What do you think?  Are you going to make an ice sculpture for your garden?

As we say goodbye to Summer…

Seems like fall has come early this year…the leaves are already starting to turn. We are sad to say goodbye to summer, but look forward to a beautiful fall. The cooler weather opens the fall show season for us, starting with the Paradise City show in Northampton, MA the weekend of October 11-13.

And as soon as we are done with that show we make our way to Northport, Alabama for the Kentuck Festival of the Arts on October 18-19. Treat yourself to extra amenities as a Patron of the 2014 Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Details about becoming a patron can be found at

I am honored that the folks at Kentuck chose to use one of my JunkHeads in the patron pamphlet.
Kentuck Patron Pamphlet

And now it’s back to the studio to continue to make things to bring to these shows. We look forward to seeing you at Paradise or Kentuck.

Of giraffes and owls

This summer my nephew, John, is getting married and he and Katelyn asked if I could make their wedding cake topper. Katelyn loves giraffes and owls and so that was the starting place and from their bits of their life were incorporated.

…and so it begins
...and so it begins

pieces & parts
Pieces & parts

hazard prevention
Hazard Prevention

giraffe in the wild
Giraffe in the wild

John’s owl
John Owl

Katelyn’s owl
Katelyn Owl

…it’s coming together
Coming Together

..and it’s done!
Finished Wedding Cake Topper    Finished Wedding Cake Topper

Katelyn’s Owl
Katelyn Owl  Katelyn Owl







John’s Owl
John Owl  John Owl

Giraffe  Giraffe

This was a fun project and it turned out better than even I expected.

To see other commissions I have worked on, check out the commissions page on the ArtHead Studio website.  What’s the most interesting wedding cake topper you have ever seen?

Portlandia, Cheese Doodles & Robots

I am excited to announce that we started 2014 by launching our new online shop ( which is now an integral part of the ArtHead Studio website.

On cold winter days in New England, when I have not been on snow removal duty, I have been in the studio creating lots of new things for the shop and preparing for my first big show of the year — the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I am bringing to Baltimore!

ArtHead Studio

Who among us doesn’t love cheese doodles?
ArtHead Studio JunkHead

If you are a fan of Portlandia, as I am, all I can say is “Put a bird on it!”

ArtHead Studio JunkHeads

ArtHead Studio  JunkHead

New this year are JunkHeads in vintage boxes.  These can stand on their own or be hung on a wall. ArtHead Studio

ArtHead Studio

ArtHead Studio JunkHead

And of course we will bring a selection from The Odd World of the Littles.

ArtHead Studio Littles

And our booth wouldn’t be complete without several reTweets. I have finally embraced Twitter and invite you to follow

ArtHead Studio reTweet

For those of you who need moving parts how about one of these little guys who will be happy to stick his tongue at you anytime.

ArtHead Studio

So if you are near Baltimore next weekend, come see me in Booth 4217 at the Baltimore Convention Center.   

Dog Pound Adoptions

10 new JunkYard Dogs just landed in the dog pound in our Etsy store. Go check out all of the dogs and find the one that is right for you to adopt.

Penny Pingleton, our adopted pup, may be the happiest (and possibly the most spoiled) dog ever. Penny Pingleton
Penny came to us from the New England Brittany Rescue.Is your dog a rescue? Share your rescue story with us.

We are Boston Strong

Along with the rest of Boston, we are relieved that the city is once again up and running after a week of pure chaos surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing. On Friday, CraftBoston was forced to close due to the citywide lockdown, but we were happy to see everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday and want to thank everyone for your support.

Thank you to all the first responders who helped to bring our city back to order including our friend Timmy Hancock who is a member of the Special Ops SWAT team.

Boston Strong

Thanks to all first responders.

We encourage everyone to donate to The One Fund Boston to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.
The One Fund Boston 2013
If you missed us last weekend and were hoping to see what’s new at ArtHead Studio you are in luck. We have filled our Etsy store with lots of new stuff including reTweets, reBuckles, MetalHeads, and JunkHeads.

We also have a ton of JunkYard Dogs lining up to be added to the store.