About the Artist

Image: Deb KrachtDeborah Kracht is a mixed media artist living in central Massachusetts.

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an artist. In most of the pictures from my childhood I am either covered in paint or building something. Things haven’t changed much over the years, only the materials I use are different. Like many visual artists, I am a scavenger of objects and a saver of bits. My current work seeks to rescue and reinvent objects which are broken or have outlived their purpose. In doing so I satisfy my love of the treasure hunt by going to flea markets, estate sales and auctions, using my finds to make art instead of just hoarding interesting bits. I go without preconceived notions, never looking for specific pieces. Instead I let the objects dictate the direction of the work, sometimes the pieces come together quickly, and often they must wait until I find the next perfect part.”

Web: www.artheadstudio.com/
Blog: www.insidearthead.com/
Shop: artheadstudio.com/shop
Twitter: @artheadstudio
Facebook: facebook.com/artheadstudio
Google+: google.com/+ArtHeadStudio
Pinterest: pinterest.com/ArtHeadStudio


3 responses to “About the Artist

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  2. I bought three of your prints on magnets at a festival in Massachusetts in 2002. Have loved and lived with them for the last 10 years. I am going to a house blessing ceremony for a neighbor who had a fire that killed her two dogs. I pulled one of the magnets out to give to her and decided to look you up. Thank you for the life, light and inspiration your art brings to the world!!

    • LJ, Thanks for your kind words. When I created the watercolor series it was a kind of “art therapy” for me, helping me work through a difficult time in my life. I am pleased to know that those words and images resonate with others. Thank you for sharing the art and your thoughts.

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