Redacting: Where editing overrides intent

The next big thing at ArtHead Studio is a new line called reDacted.  This line will make it’s debut this weekend at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton.

reDacted: The Next Big Thing

reDacted: The Next Big Thing

I picked up a book , Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, by Austin Kleon the last time I was at the DeCordova Museum.  Reading this book helped inspire this new line which is an extension of the reTweets.

I am captivated by the notion of editing to change the intended meaning.  In the car I often hear a segment on the radio where they bleep certain words in a song that make what was a harmless, innocent song sound naughty.  NPR’s  All Things Considered did a show all about the concept of changing meaning by removing/editing out certain words.

reDacted: Out Of Sync

reDacted: Out Of Sync

Each month I look forward to receiving Vanity Fair in the mailbox.  (I devour it — chances are you will catch me reading it a show.)  Lately I find myself redacting as I read articles in Vanity Fair.  All these ingredients together spawned the reDacted line.  Picture me with my black pen redacting Vanity Fair stories and then finding just the right little figurine to bring the new phrase to life.

reDacted: Out Of Sync

reDacted: Out Of Sync

I have to give credit to my friend Kim who has given me so many Altoids Smalls tins that I have now have found use for.  (BTW, don’t miss Kim in the Westborough Players’ Club production of Annie in January 2013.)

Are you addicted to Altoids?  Do you have a stash of empty Altoid tins that you have no idea what do with?  Throw them in a bag and drop them off this weekend at booth 535 at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton.  Then sit back and see what crazy things I come up with next.


One response to “Redacting: Where editing overrides intent

  1. Particularly significant Work since we exist in a political world where words & their meanings are abandoned. Intents & agendas are managed and crafted and recrafted dependent on the audience. You are the perfect barometer for the times.

    Oh and Jims has a pile of tins for you.

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