What turns your tongue blue?

Wow, summer went by so quickly this year.  All of a sudden it was Labor Day and  we were off to the 3 County Fair to throw darts at balloons to win silly prizes, ride the ferris wheel, eat cotton candy and other crazy fair food that turns your tongue.

Candy Apple

Drew & Thomas (Photobomb by Jil)

Blue Tongue

Drew & Thomas

In addition to fun times at the county fair, we are enjoying the two barn cats that we recently adopted.  This year our garden was decimated by all the pests.  It was a race to see who could get to the tomatoes first — us or the chipmunks.  We have ventured into the garden to find the remnants of a chipmunk garden buffet.  Our friend and dog sitter told us about working cats.  We were intrigued and finally made the decision to adopt two sweet cats who we have named Odie and Farben.





Why Odie and Farben?  One of the few stock German phrases in Jil’s repertoire is “Oh! die Farben!”  which translates “Oh! the colors!”  Seemed like funny names for cats, so we went with it.  And the names actually suit them quite well.

So now that summer is over, show season begins which means finding vintage stuff and putting it together to make JunkHead, BabyBots, JunkYard Dogs and more.  Today we updated the events section on our website and on Facebook so you will be able to keep track of us through the end of the year.

We hope you had a great summer and we look forward to seeing you at a show this fall.  Oh and to answer the question of what turns your tongue blue … a wild raspberry slushy!


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