Who Let the Dogs Out?

We did!

JunkYard Dogs

JunkYard Dogs

Today we unleashed a pack of JunkYard Dogs.  Nine new dogs were added to our Etsy store and are ready to be adopted into loving homes.

Speaking of adoptions, Karen, the woman who watches Lucy, our sweet 15 year brittany spaniel, runs an all volunteer dog (and sometimes cat) rescue called New Beginnings Dog Rescue.

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

You can see all the sweet dogs that are currently being fostered by her rescue here.  Ben is one of a litter of puppies that New Beginnings is taking care of until they are big enough to be adopted.  Looks like Ben had to take a nap after dinner.

New Beginnings Dog Rescue - Ben


You can also learn more on the New Beginnings Dog Rescue Facebook page.

So whether your ready for a JunkYard Dog or a sweet rescue dog we have you covered.


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