Best line of the day

One the things I enjoy most about doing shows is meeting interesting people.  I have some of the best conversations with kids who are into art.

The best line of the day from this show came from a little girl, about 6, carrying an American Girl doll, totally normal looking.  I asked her if she liked to make art and she said she likes to draw people, but she likes to mess them up a little.  What do you mean by mess them up?  You know, she said, like draw their heads on their knees and their eyeballs hanging out, stuff like that.

Last year at this show we met Robert Villamagna, a really talented mixed-media artist, who we bought a fantastic piece of art from.  We blogged about the Man With A Ten Pound Hat here.  Today he stopped by the booth and was kind enough to give me a fan to help me stay cool.  If you get a chance stop by his booth (B-08) you will not be disappointed.

Robert Villamagna

Shameless self-promotion from Robert Villamagna

This weekend you can find me in Booth O-52 at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.  Stop by and say hi.


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