Can magnets help find a cure for MS?

Indirectly, yes.  Read on…

Want a set of secondLife Magnets?

secondLife Magnets
Be one of the first 5 people to sponsor our team, Project ArtHead, in a fundraiser for the Accelerated Cure Project and one of these sets of magnets will be yours. Visit our fundraising page at to make your donation.

The secondLife magnets are reconditioned bottle caps reinvented as a magnet with images from vintage LIFE magazines.  If you are one of the first 5 to make a donation, leave a comment letting us know which set we should send your way.

We have an ambitious goal of $5,000 and we are getting the ball rolling with these magnets.   Thanks for supporting the Accelerated Cure by sponsoring our team.


5 responses to “Can magnets help find a cure for MS?

  1. Thank you Deborah Pruden for being the first person to support Project ArtHead. Send us a message and let us know which set of magnets you would like.

  2. Thanks Karen Anderson and Colin Ferrell — we appreciate your generous donations.

  3. Thanks to Alan Billian, one of our friends from Baltimore. He is donor #4 and will be receiving a set of magnets.

  4. Thanks Carol McLaughlin — you are always so good to us. Thanks for supporting us in our effort to raise some money for a worthy cause.

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