The Odd World of the Littles

After a successful show in Baltimore, life is busy making new things to fill the booth at the upcoming CraftBoston show (March 23-25).

I am excited to have been chosen as one of the ten artists being showcased in the CraftBoston raffle.  All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets benefit The Society of Arts and Crafts’ educational and community outreach programs.  

Building An Idea

Building An Idea (© Deborah C. Kracht, 2012)

This piece, Building An Idea,  will be in the raffle.  It is part of new line of work that was inspired by a visit I made to the Museum of Art and Design in New York City last year where I saw the Otherworldly exhibit.  I was fascinated and intrigued by what all of these artists were doing with miniatures.  Still possessed by all things little, when I returned to my studio, this new body of work – The Odd World of the Littles — magically happened.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure (© Deborah C. Kracht, 2012)

Buried Treasure (detail)

Buried Treasure (detail) © Deborah C. Kracht, 2012

In keeping with my obsession with all things little I started to read and find anything I could on Slinkachu.  His Little People Project amazed me. He places model train set characters on the street and creates scenes that he then photographs with incredible results.  His images are much like the art of tilt-shift photography — the art of using tilt to achieve a selective focus that simulates a miniature scene.  And once I discovered tilt-shift photography, of course, just had to try it for myself.

While we were on a trip to New York City, we took several pictures that we thought would be brilliant tilt-shifts.  Sadly only a few were truly successful.  Clearly an art that takes a lot of practice.

Here is what we came up with.

NYC Man and Dog

NYC Man and Dog (© Jil H. Lesko, 2012)

NYC Cabs

NYC Cabs (© Jil H. Lesko, 2012)


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