All stocked up

As we enter the busy holiday season I find myself spending all my time in the studio making JunkYard Dogs, BabyBots, JunkHeads and more.

JunkHeadJunkHead, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

Until last Saturday when we were hit with that insane Nor’easter. We were without power, heat and water for 5 days. So I lost 5 days in the studio…time spent sitting in front of the fireplace with layers and layers of clothes on trying to stay warm. Yesterday the power came back on and we are once again up and running.

reBuckle, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

With power we were able to stock our Etsy store with a suite of new reBuckles, a dog pound full of JunkYard dogs, BabyBots and JunkHeads. We will continue to add things to the store as they are crafted.

ScrapHead, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011

It’s never too early to start scouting for fun holiday gifts. This weekend we will drop off work to be included in the DeCordova Museum’s 2011 Annual Artists’ Market. The Artists’ Market is worth checking out and while you are there check out the museum and the grounds, they are spectacular.

JunkYard Dog
JunkYard Dog, © D.Kracht – ArtHead Studio 2011






2 responses to “All stocked up

  1. Discovered your work at the Decordova Museum and picked up three pieces…Fun, delightful, wonderfully surprising and reminiscent of a fellow on cool hunting who does this work on a larger scale and sells it through a shop in Brooklyn ($1200- 6000)

    Thank you for your creativity

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