I Buy Art

Artist: Jason Brockert

I Buy Art (Artist: Jason Brockert)

I picked up this pin last December when I went to the RISD alumni show. It’s part of the Buy Art campaign from the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism. (The artwork featured on the pin is by Jason Brockert.)

Last weekend we were in State College, PA at the Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival where we saw several artist friends and met new ones. We were lucky to have a spot under a tree with a big canopy – essentially Mother Nature provided us with an enormous parasol that let us be in the cool shade the entire weekend.

It was at this show that we rediscovered artist Robert Villamagna (www.robertvillamagna.com). We had seen his work before and were once again blown away. He is a mixed media artist that creates amazing images by collaging pieces of deconstructed metal product cans, old signs, etc. We knew we had to something from him in our collection – the hard part was deciding on which piece to buy because we loved so many of them. “Man With A Ten Pound Hat” won. The hat form as a frame was what sold us. And the paint by number canvas background was also a strong selling point.


Man With A Ten Pound Hat (artist: Robert Villamagna)

Deb Kracht and Jil Lesko, proud new owners of "Man With a Ten Pound Hat"

One of the best things about travelling all over the country to various art shows is that we get to see a ridiculous amount of art. One of the worst parts is that we can’t afford and don’t have enough space for all the art we would like to acquire. Never-the-less, I am sure that we will continue to add to our collection even when there is absolutely no more display space.


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