What do 3,000 cherry blossom trees look like?

Last week when Mother Nature thought it would be a funny April Fool’s joke to deliver yet another snow storm, we decided to get in the car and drive south to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

The further south we drove we continued to see more evidence of spring – grass was green, trees had buds, daffodils were blooming (and in some places were already done).

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Trees

For years we have wanted to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. For all the trips we make to that area, we have never been there in early April and consequently have always missed the cherry blossoms. While the weather wasn’t ideal it was still better than snow. It was overcast and sort of chilly, so we bundled up and made our way to the city. In 1912 an incredible gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees was bestowed on Washington, D.C. by Tokyo, Japan. Rooted strongly and surviving outside elements, the trees have withstood the test of time. In fact, next year marks the 100th anniversary of the gift of trees.



We knew we had to go somewhere near the reflecting pool, but didn’t really know where we were going. We subscribed to the herd mentality and followed other people when we spotted Byron Edmondson, a Park Ranger. In addition to telling us where the cherry blossoms were he told us a little bit about the area and other things to see.

Byron Edmondson, Park Rangerr

Byron Edmondson, Park Ranger

This may have been the best sign we saw all day, warning us not to pick the cherry blossoms.

Don't Pick the Blossom

Don't Pick the Blossom

We walked around the tidal basin amazed and the amount of cherry trees. It was stunning. It’s one of those things that you have to see in person, pictures really don’t do it justice.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

We then went to Georgetown where we had a delicious lunch at Kafe Leopold. If you love German food, this is the place to go. We are already planning a trip back so we can sit outside and enjoy a delicious meal at Kafe Leopold.


100 responses to “What do 3,000 cherry blossom trees look like?

  1. Great photos! I’m enjoying the daffys and cherry blossoms here in Wa state too. 😉 I LOVES spring.
    Thanks for the great tour!

  2. Wow, these are stunning… I’m a little jealous, we son’t see many Cherry Blossoms in Sydney : (

  3. indeed! stunning picture and your post is really nice, congrats on F P.

    Thanks fo sharing

  4. This got me all excited! I’m going to DC in two weeks or so to visit the Smithsonian Museum, hope to see this in action.

  5. So beautiful! Love cherry blossom trees and flowers! 🙂

  6. How incredibly beautiful! Where I live in London- we also have cherry blossom trees- but nothing beats that in your Washinton Monument photo… STUNNING!

  7. Ohhhh….I really missed cherry blossom. Thank you so much for this!

  8. Cherry blossoms are so pretty.

  9. Pretty flowers they are. And they provoke emotions too.

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  11. You are right, they are stunning. I was fortunate enough to see them in person once.

  12. violincellist

    The trees are pretty…but I bet they’ll make quite the mess later.

  13. I believe 3,000 cherry blossom trees are just perfect to make a place so paradise-like 😉

  14. They are stunning, indeed! As has been said, it isn’t the same where I live, in London.

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  16. thats so prett, i am starting to hate the snow and i want spring to come already and stop playing around with our heads.

  17. As a child we had a large cherry blossom tree in our front garden. In the spring the front garden was covered in a thick blanket of cherry pink blossom, ideal for playing in. It was like having like having a lorry load of confetti tipped in the front garden 🙂

  18. Lovely! I’ve always loved cherry blossoms but have yet to set my eyes them. They are so beautiful!

  19. #1 – I didn’t know Japan gave this give to Washington, DC so thanks for that tidbit. #2 – I would also love to see cherry blossoms in DC as well as in Japan. What a wonderful sight!

  20. Great travel blog. And congratulations on being freshly pressed.
    Pat Bean

  21. it’s true. the DC cherry blossoms are something you MUST see in person. i didn’t even know about them until i went to visit some friends in DC and they told me the festival was happening. it was SO beautiful! the kind of thing you never forget. congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  22. Gorgeous photos, and I love the story behind the trees. The contrast of the dark colored bark and the white blossoms is gorgeous.

    Now I have one more thing for my travel list!

    Congrats on FP. Enjoy the day!

  23. Absolutely beautiful!

  24. Fabulous – what a display! Congrats on FP 🙂

  25. Stunning! I hope to see them in Tokyo one year!

  26. Beautiful pictures. The last picture of the branches at Jefferson memorial is the best among all of them. Great work.

  27. nice snaps …i really like it …. . . . .

  28. If you drove past Newark, New Jersey to get to D.C. you passed the more Cherry Blossom trees than D.C.

  29. Lovely! I’ve always loved cherry blossoms but have yet to set my eyes them. They are so beautiful!

  30. beautiful pics i really like it … thanks for sharing

  31. Lovely pics and thanks for sharing!

  32. Beautiful pictures. I imagine they were even more stunning to see in person!


  33. LOVELY! wish I can have my photo taken there too 🙂

  34. These photos look amazing. Have you ever seen the cherry blossom in Japan, it is revered there as a sacred right of Spring, and literally thousands of trees are planted just to mature for the Spring festival!

    Thanks for sharing.


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  36. Gorgeous pictures. There are cherry trees blooming up and down the river about 10 minutes walk from where I live. It really is lovely, but nothing as spectacular as what you photographed.

  37. top muscle cars its realy very beautiful and you have good photographic skills

  38. angie hottentots

    The driveway up to the parking lot to my office building is lined with cherry blossom trees, but they don’t look as magnificent as the ones in DC.

  39. you got my mouth salivating. ive never had paella yet but i have heard amazing things. i kind of want to go out and get it then try to make it on my own, ill pencil this recipe down. thanks!

  40. As a child we had a large cherry blossom tree in our front garden. In the spring the front garden was covered in a thick blanket of cherry pink blossom, ideal for playing in. It was like having like having a lorry load of confetti tipped in the front garden 🙂

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  42. Wow, I am very thankful to have seen your photos.What a great place of peace it must be. Next time we are near the D.C. area in early April, it now is on our must stop and see list. Thank you

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