Cider Mill, Snow, CraftBoston…what do these three things have in common?

These three things describe my life this week. Yes, it’s snowing again and the good news is that I am NOT shoveling snow! I am setting up for the CraftBoston show that starts on Friday and runs through the weekend.

After a really successful show in Baltimore last month I had to make a lot more JunkHeads, BabyBots, JunkYard Dogs, reBuckles, etc. Before I can make stuff, I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the bits to put together.

Cider Mill

Cider Mill

And that is where the cider mill comes in. Last weekend we met up with our friends, Nancy and Michele, and went to an antique and collectible shop that is housed in an old cider mill. It’s a really interesting building and the shop has over 100 dealers, so it’s a treasure trove of old and abandoned stuff. After over an hour of digging and making the trek into the musty basement of the building, we left with a box full of good bits. And here is what became of those bits…

JunkHeads ©Deborah C. Kracht, Artist

JunkHeads ©Deborah C. Kracht, Artist

If you are in the Boston area this weekend stop by CraftBoston and say hi. You won’t be disappointed as it’s a beautiful show with a wide range of handmade work.  See you there!


CraftBoston Collage

CraftBoston Spring




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