Creative inspiration…who inspires you?

We meet so many interesting people at shows. We are often approached by art teachers who see the ScrapHeads and are inspired to do a projects with their kids to create ScrapHeads. After we explain that cutting metal and solvent dyes aren’t the most kid-friendly things we describe a project that the kids in Poolesville did. They worked with paper plates, pipe cleaners, feathers, beads and all sorts of found bits. And they created some awesome ScrapHeads of their own.

ScrapHeads created by the kids in Poolesville

ScrapHeads created by the kids in Poolesville

Last month while we are the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore a young man came in the booth and asked Deb what inspired her and asked lots of questions about her process. His name was Ben and he wanted to know how she came up with her ideas. He then told us that he had a collection of cars that he wanted to use in a piece of art and he asked for Deb’s suggestions on what he could do. He was a really creative kid with fantastic ideas. As he was leaving the booth we asked him to send us a picture of his creation. The very next day we received an email from Ben.

This is my toy car robot. You may remember me from the art fair yesterday. I asked for your ideas for a robot. My next project is a toy car crusted mirror. Thank you for all your help.

Your friend,

Toy Car Robot - Ben R., Artist

Toy Car Robot - Artist, Ben R.

We look forward to hearing about more of Ben’s creations. The moral of the story…expose your kids to art. And if you are a kid, don’t be afraid to talk to artists and ask them about their work. Kids are inspired by art they see and we are inspired by those kids.


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