The Hoff (not that one): Elevating the harmonica case to high art

Back in 2009 a dapper gentleman entered our booth at an art show and inquired if we did commissions. Immediately our curiosity was piqued and we wanted to know more. The gentleman was Hoff the Harmonica Case Man and he wanted to commission a custom harmonica case. Always interested in doing something new we took on the challenge. Hoff came prepared with a pre-printed spec sheet for the harmonica case instructing that the case had to be a snug fit for a standard size harmonica (Bluesband). The case was to be worn as a necklace and his name “HOFF” was to be printed on the back, preferably in all caps. Beyond that the design was up to us.

Bob Hoffman “HOFF” is on a quest to commission 500 custom harmonica cases and has already reached a whopping 300. He expects to be at 500 within the next two years.

This weekend we are at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. Earlier today there was a HOFF sighting on the show floor. Then this afternoon Hoff appeared in our booth.

HOFF the Harmonica Case Man

HOFF the Harmonica Case Man

We learned that he had commissioned four new harmonica cases today at the ACC show. That’s four more closer to the dream of 500.

This is ArtHead Studio’s contribution to HOFF the Harmonica Man’s collection.

Harmonica Case for HOFF

HOFF's Harmonica Case

If you are as intrigued by HOFF the Harmonica Case Man as we are (and why wouldn’t you be?), go to his website You can also see live action Hoff on You Tube under “Hoff the Harmonica Case Man”.

If you are in Baltimore this weekend, stop by the convention center and you may bump into HOFF. You will also be amongst some of the most talented artists in the country.


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