Mother Nature is testing our limits! How to handle the one-two winter storm punch.

Unless you are Rip van Winkle you have heard about the rapid fire succession of winter storms that have hit the Northeast. Most recently a one-two punch! A snow storm quickly followed by a sleet and freezing rain storm. We keep wondering what horrible things we have done to deserve this ridiculous weather. It seems like we come in from clearing the driveway and deck and then there are another several inches of snow to clear. Adding insult to injury we are now faced with ice dams and so much snow on the roof that we have to seriously worry about damage to the roof.

Here's the view from our front door

Here's the view from our front door

What’s a girl to do? After days of climbing up on the ladder and chipping ice out of the gutter we consulted the master of all knowledge – the Internet. It was there that we learned about filling pantyhose with ice melt to create ice melt socks to lay in the gutters. It said we should also tether them to a long rope and throw them on the roof to aid in melting the frozen tundra up above. Have you tried to throw something up on your roof with the intention of it staying there lately? It’s not easy!
Homemade Roof Rake

Homemade Roof Rake

With the repeated snow removal we are running out of places to put the snow and we are fast approaching a time when the snow banks will be too high for the snow thrower to go over. Let’s talk about the huge amount of snow on the roof…we went to several hardware stores to find a roof rake and big surprise, none of them had any! I guess there are other people out there who were a little more proactive than we were. So we channeled our inner MacGyver and cobbled together our own roof rake out of plywood and left over tent poles from the tent we use when we do outdoor art shows.

We made a short video of these adventures. You can view it on You Tube
Sock It To Me!

Sock It To Me!


One response to “Mother Nature is testing our limits! How to handle the one-two winter storm punch.

  1. You are so, so funny 🙂 the video is so cute 🙂 i love it!!! Jil, are you standing in the warm room, with a hefe while Debbi work? I can well imagine… 🙂

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