What’s in an Evil Salad?

So our little friend Jack (almost 7 years old) lives in Cambridge and may be the most imaginative kid we have ever met.  Each year for Halloween he chooses to be something that is so unique that it is virtually impossible to go to the store and purchase the costume. In fact, you couldn’t even go to the store, purchase many costumes and cobble together anything that would satisfy this kid.
Enter what Jack refers to as “the real artists”.

This year Jack wanted to be an Evil Salad.  Yup!  Evil Salad.  We didn’t really know what that meant to Jack, so after interviewing him and discovering the elements of an evil salad we went to work.  We took measurements and went shopping — in our basement and at the store.

Here is the outcome:
Halloween costume: Evil Salad

Evil Salad

And here is Lucy kindly modeling the headpiece and the scepter:
Evil Salad Accessories

Deb and Lucy modeling Evil Salad accessories

And here is Jack at his costume fitting:

Jack is the Evil Salad

And finally, you want to know what is in an Evil Salad?
Evil Salad Nutrition Facts

Evil Salad Nutrition Facts


One response to “What’s in an Evil Salad?

  1. WAY TO GO, MAY-REE. It’s about time you toot your own horn! Evil Salad is one for the ages, and I sooooo want a T-shirt with the nutritional label on it!

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