World Cup Madness!


We returned from two wonderful weeks in Germany where every little town we went to was like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale.  Castles everywhere, cobble stone streets, buildings where there are no right angles.  It was truly amazing.

We were also fortunate to be in Germany while the FIFA World Cup was happening.  Everywhere we went there were big screen TVs showing whatever match was on.  We watched a few matches in Dusseldorf including one where Germany won.  The German fans went crazy.  This is our cousin Nadi.

Matthias und Deb
We were in Germany for our cousin’s wedding and it just so happened that Germany was scheduled to play right in the middle of the wedding reception.  So a 47″ TV was brought to the reception and all the guests rushed from the church to reception so as not to miss a single minute of the match.  The German team was kind enough to deliver a 4-0 victory as a wedding present.

Here is a picture of Matthias, Nadi’s brother — the groom.

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