Life is Peachy

This past weekend we drove to Fairhope, Alabama for the Eastern Shore Art Center 36th Annual Outdoor Art Show. We left the cold of the northeast and seemed to power through spring and into summer with every hour we drove further south. First we saw daffodils, then blooming dogwoods and finally in the deep south it was what we would consider full on summer. We basked in the 70 degree weather — a far cry from the freezing 30s we have become accustomed to in the northeast.

On our travels south we saw many things, but nothing more interesting that an enormous peach in the sky. In Gaffney, South Carolina looming on the horizon was an enormous peach that looked like a big butt in the sky. Made better on approach by the discovery that the sign from the restaurant below seemed to emerge from the cleft. The name of the restaurant … FATZ!

When we finally arrived in Fairhope, AL we spent a lovely afternoon lounging at the pool. For dinner one night we had a picnic by the water. In the water were several birdhouses with “Fairhope” painted on their roofs.


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