Winter Projects

Snow, Snow & More Snow
It’s no secret that we have had a ridiculous amount of snow this winter.
Enough already!
Last summer we bought an enormous snow thrower which was going to make our lives so much easier than using the old school snow shovel. As luck would have it half way through the snow season our snow thrower broke. After much back and forth with customer service and numerous visits from the service technician — it’s still broken 😦

Winter Feathered Friends
Winter brings us some interesting visitors. Several times we have seen oodles of wild turkeys walking through the yard (our highest count was 20 or more in one visit.) On several occasions we have also seen Downy Woodpeckers (both male and female.) Other feathered friends include: chicadees, tufted titmice, nuthatches, blue jays, hawks and others.

Bluebird House
One of this year’s Christmas gifts was a bluebird house built using the wood from a tree that had fallen in the back yard a couple years ago. Hopefully some bluebirds will take up residence this spring.

Staircase Redux
A while ago we decide to redo our staircase. We hated the carpeted stairs and couldn’t stand the country spindles.

We now have a much more modern staircase with cable railing. All done with materials found at our local home improvement store. (We weren’t too keen on spending a ridiculous amount of money for the cable railing systems that are out there.)

Kitchen Cabinet Redux
Much like the stairs, we didn’t like the country look of the kitchen cabinets. We decided it didn’t make sense to replace the cabinets (because they are perfectly good cabinets) instead opting to paint them.

It’s amazing what a little paint can do. The kitchen has a much more contemporary look now. Now we need to redo the counter top. We plan on making a beautiful concrete countertop.

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