Warning: COMPLETELY disgusting!

Seriously, this is fair warning, don’t be eatin’ and readin’. This is part public service announcement to all of you that have animals, and partly me not wanting to be alone in this totally gross experience.

My sweet little Brittany Spaniel LucyRose has had a cut on her side that just wouldn’t heal. We thought it was a puncture from running like a fiend through the woods…maybe a stick had nicked her as she tore by. Understandably, it was terribly irritating to her. She couldn’t stop licking and, while I usually I just let her have at it when she has cuts to be cleaned, this was excessive. The past 11 years of living in the woods have taught me that dogs get into ALOT of crazy stuff, (standoffs with porcupines…these never end well, the chasing of foxes, almost being run over by a buck) so the medicine cabinet is stocked and the clippers are always at the ready. A little shave of the afflicted area revealed what looked like a little hole, and while it was inflamed and ooozy, it seemed like no big deal. However, after a week of trying without alot of luck to keep it covered through a combination of ace bandages around her middle, an e-collar around her head and alot of “stop that licking!” there was no real progress in terms of healing, I called the vet.

LucyRose hates the vet. She turns into a 47 lb. panting lap dog. Our vet, Dorsie, is sweet and kind and gentle, but that holds no weight with LRose. So we are sitting in the exam room, she on my lap and me reading a magazine propped on her back. I picked some burrs out of her fur just to make good use of time. Dorsie comes in and kneels down by us. I explain to her what’s been going on and even offer up some possible culprits for her predicament. “I saw her kill a chipmunk yesterday (don’t judge her), maybe it’s from a bite?”. “Oh!” exclaims Dorsie, “it’s a chrysomya!”. “Hmmm??????” I say with furrowed brow.

Dorsie goes on to explain that a chrysomya is…wait for it…the larvae of a parasite that has crawled into Lucy’s ear (probably from her sticking her head into a chipmunk or rabbit burrow, again don’t judge her) and traveled through her system until it landed near the surface where it lived, irritating her skin and creating serum (puss), which it ate as it grew. YOU COULD SEE IT IN THE HOLE!!!!! For a vet, this is an exciting thing, it breaks up the usual day I suppose. For me, I am so far beyond grossed out I want to run from the room!!!! The look of horror on my face is frozen in place. There is a maggot in my dog’s side!!! “I can just pull it out” she says “wanna watch?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? “Lucy and I will just look at the wall together, thank you very much”

The extraction is successful, she literally PULLS this beast from the hole, I feel like I have just been in a horror film, and Dorsie wants to know if I want to keep it, you know, to show people!!!!! Oh, c’mon!!! It was the single most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life and if any of you are curious, (you know you are!) click on the link for a picture of my nightmare. http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/CA25677D007DC87D/LUbyDesc/Ag0081j/$File/AG0081j.jpg.

There really is reason to share this beyond the obvious…me grossing you out!. If your pet, and this can happen to cats too, has a wound that just won’t heal there may be something like this going on. Dorsie told me that if it happened again I could “just take it out myself” to which I said ” I would work until my fingers bleed to raise the funds to pay for you to perform this service for me….there is no amount of money that you could charge which I would consider excessive” There are some things that I will not do when it comes to country doctoring…this would be one.

Hey…have a great day everyone! 😉


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